He was asking if I was coming out to a friends party and I genuinely don’t know what that response meant.

Today I met one of the most inspirational people in my life. Such a strong and young spirit. Life happens, but live it for yourself and seize the moment while loving others as much as you can. After hearing her life story and being reduced to tears, I’m so lucky to have this job and gain the perspectives I’m given. ❤

I am not a morning person

but I am trying

thank you lord jesus for Vyvanse

Just Like Heaven
Artist: The Cure
Album: Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
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Feminist Graffiti from the 1970s [x]

I haven’t seen this in a while. It never gets old.

U already kno 💨💨💨



This looks like a good idea.

a very good idea


If I were Kendall I would hang this one up in my room and frame it


'fat is unhealthy' well k then show me your 'healthy' skinny ass doing it then

Women loving themselves and their own bodies is so beautiful to me. Preach. 

white people ordering food at a mexican restaurant
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